What is the Self-Directed Option?  This option allows you to have more control of your life, instead of others being in charge.  Click tab "SELF DIRECTED" for a fuller explanation. 

Why consider it?  You should consider it because it can help you to have a fuller, more enjoyable  life with people who you like to be around.  For example, you get to choose your own staff.  

What are the pros and cons?  There are many pros when you are making decisions for yourself and you don't have to depend on others so much.  On the other hand,  with freedom comes responsibility.  You will be the employer.  You are responsible to make sure your staff is paid on time.  You are responsible for all your paperwork.   Also, sometimes it takes time to find the right staff/employee to work with you.   But don't be overwhelmed, that's why you hire the right Support Brokers to work with you to help you be a good employer.

Is Self Directing Services Right For You?

If interested, where do I start?   You should call your Coordinator of Community Services (CCS).  This person used to be called "Service Coordinator" or "Resource Coordinator".   You should tell the CCS you would like The Wright Supports to be your Support Broker.   Then the CCS will help set up a meeting with the team, including the Support Broker, to start developing your PCP.   Then the CCS will send the completed PCP to DDA for processing.   After DDA finishes processing your PCP and approves it, you will be ready to start Self Directed Services.   We will help advise you every step of the way.

Support Brokers  for Adults with Disabilities

who opt for Self-Directed Services  in Maryland (formerly New Directions)

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