The Wright Supports

Support Brokers  for Adults with Disabilities

who opt for Self-Directed Services  in Maryland (formerly New Directions)

Support Broker Team


We are individual contractors who consult together as a team.  So when you work with one of us, know that you have all of our full support and knowledge.


Joyce Middleton 

Hi, I am Joyce.  I have been a Support Broker since 2008.  I have a lot of experience supporting and advocating for people.  My son, Louis, has autism and he is in his 30s now.  He is also a participant self-directing his services.  I also worked as a parent educator/advocate for about 7 years with the Parents Place of Maryland, Inc.  I have helped many parents and their sons and daughters to get the services that they needed.  I look forward to working with you as well.


John E. Wright, Jr.

Hi, I am John.  I have been a Support Broker since 2009.  Actually I am Louis' Support Broker (Joyce's son).  I have a lot of experience supporting Joyce and Louis.  I also worked with Baltimore County Public Schools for 30 years.  I had a lot of responsibility managing employees and keeping a budget.  Those skills are very necessary for the self-direction program.  My sister, Joyce and I look forward to helping you to self-direct your life.


Crystal Brockington

 ​Hi, I am Crystal.  I have been a Support Broker since 2012.  I am also a Disability Rights Advocate and an Independent Living Skills Trainer since 2007.  I am affiliated with many local community organizations whose mission is to improve the lives of all individuals with disabilities.  I have an adopted brother, in his mid-20s, who has a severe developmental disability.  He has benefited greatly from self-directed services by accessing community activities and services he would never had been able to do so in traditional services and programs.  Along with John and Joyce, I also have a wealth of resources to share with you.  I look forward to helping you reach your goals.

Audrey Walker

​Hi, my name is Audrey.  I have a dual role as Support Broker and a TWS  Office Assistant.   As an assistant since 2013,  I help process the timesheets for our participants' staff as well as help with managing their budgets.   My expertise in the financial field comes from my experience working at Toyota. until my recent retirement.   As a co-Support Broker I have been working along with Joyce and becoming more involved with our  participants and their families.   I enjoy my interactions with participants and their families and look forward to meeting you.

What is a Support Broker?


The Support Broker assists the team that includes the participant,  the participant's family, and Coordinator of Community Services (CCS) with developing the Self-Directed, Personal Centered Plan and Budget (PCP).  Once the PCP is approved, the Support Broker provides ongoing assistance,  mentoring, and coaching for the participant and, if applicable, the personal representative, with the employer related functions.  These functions can include help with acquiring and retaining staff,  helping with timesheets, explaining and helping complete employer related documents, helping the participant to managing their self directed budget, finding and sharing resources,  communicating with  CCS, key people at DDA and fiscal management services , helping the participant to navitigate their disability services and advocate to improve their services.   


What kind of training is required of a Support Broker?

 The Support Broker must complete a two-day workshop, pass the review test and receive a certification of completion.  The certification needs to be updated every two years.


What happens if I do not have a Support Broker?

 As of this fiscal year 2019, Support Brokers are optional.   But in my experience, and as a parent of a participant in the program, it makes a world of difference to have a qualified, experienced Support Broker on your team to help you make the best of your budget and programming, especially when you start out in self directed services.


How is the Support Broker paid?

 Except for the initial start up costs that is paid by DDA, the Support Broker is paid directly out of the participant's DDA budget. 


How can I find a good Support Broker?

 You came to the right place.  Actually you have found "The Wright Supports."  We are Support Brokers and we will be more than happy to assist you.  Call Joyce Wright Middleton at 410-303-5084 , John Wright at 443-744-1799, Crystal Brockington at 802-922-0450  or Audrey Walker at 443-315-6817.

How Do We Accomplish So Much? With the Help of  Our TWS Assistants:   Diana Thompson,  Office Assistant;  Diane Thomas, Recruitment Specialist; Gina Spence, Fiscal Specialist; Audrey Walker, Support Broker/Administrative Assistant;  and our sister,  Linda Thomas, Vendor/Mileage Processor